We’ve got new songs!

From my music collaboration with Bentley Wood. These cuts come from an EP we’ve got brewing called Black Sprigs. Gothic folk songs set in a fictional midwestern town, loosely based on police blotters from Montana. Somber, heart-wrenching, and strange. Songs of frustration, homelessness, unfulfilled promises and buried desires. Threadbare, stark instrumentation with acoustic guitar, tonewheel organ, and humming. It’s the music of a many lost days.

Let’s shake it up and shotgun some beers!

This video is from our debut release “Sleeping with Mirrors.” Imagine finding a musty cassette from an 80s sci-fi, punk flick. That’s what you’ll get when you crank this up. Demolition headwinds abound. Oh, and rolling coal. Look out!

Album cover

Want more? Check out these video teasers. Think of it as post-apocalyptic hors d’oeuvres served on a hubcap. Drive it down indeed!