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Ian Caskey

A dozen tales set from NYC to LA, Asheville to Varanasi. Voices in the Dirt is a transgressive, darkly comical collection of stories, mostly centered around young men struggling with the specter of an incomprehensible world. A banquet server seeks enlightenment by being buried alive (breathing apparatus included!). The son of a dentist confronts an unspeakable horror at an oil baron’s mansion. Karmic retribution is served after a tourist on the Ganges steals a human jawbone from a beached corpse as a ghastly souvenir. If you like wild rides without safety bars, then have a seat.


Ian Caskey is an alchemist of a purely American style, rendering pathos and transgressive energies into tales that simmer with deep humor and subtle beauty. What propels them is the vernacular, a voice indeed issued from the dirt of ‘Merica’s underground. These stories scratch itches you didn’t know you had, or tried to repress, and perhaps even afflict you with new pricks and burns to which Caskey alone might provide a soothing palm. 

—Sean Madigan Hoen, author of Songs Only You Know

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Book Reading with Ian Caskey, Q&A with Amos Poe, and music from the Terror Babies.

Book Trailers

Voices in the Dirt – Can What You Can (excerpt)
Voices in the Dirt – To Planubis with Love (excerpt)
Voices in the Dirt – Hymn of the Bundy River (excerpt)

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Can What You Can
After the Rides

About the author

Ian Caskey’s stories have been published in BOMBThe Dark City, The Strange Recital, and more. He is also a fellowship alum from the Edward F. Albee Foundation residency program. For years, he hosted a book club at a pizzeria in Greenwich Village, New York, dubbed The Rivoli Institute of Pizza and Literature. There he studied masterworks of fiction, miraculously not once staining a page with marinara sauce—okay, maybe once, but it was a Harry Crews’ book, and Harry would have approved. Ian lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two lovey-nutty dogs.