So, what does Diopsis mean? Good question. For starters, it’s the name of a video production company I founded with Benjamin Pryor in the mid 90s; there’s also a bit of philosophy behind the word itself. What snippet I can recall is something to the effect of “encounters with transitory beings with target as self.”

These videos are about walking through walls, or roaming downtown Asheville at night as our own mythic beings.

If you’re looking for sense you won’t find much here, and yet you will—for where we aimed to be with “target as self” was for all of us about spraying our own faces.

As Anton Artaud once wrote: “All true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar’s teeth.”

There was one ambitious project, however, The Way We Was, where we tried our Martin Scorsese/John Waters/Redneck Damndest to make a freak-out of an action movie about hustling—what I can’t remember—moonshine? All I remember was the hairy hand of an oracle working its dark magic on a deck of Confederate playing cards, along with a decent shootout, and lots of beer and eggs and the hack of a smoker’s cough from too much damn laughter.

You want some musty vids—then settle in.