So, what does Diopsis mean? Good question. For starters, it’s the name of a video production company I founded with Benjamin Pryor in the mid 90s; there’s also a bit of philosophy behind the word itself. What snippet I can recall is something to the effect of “encounters with transitory beings with target as self.”

These videos are about walking through walls, or roaming downtown Asheville at night as our own mythic beings.


Verbal Supply

I had the pleasure of reading with all these talented writers a few years back. It’s funny, the majority of what I read is no longer part of the finished story, but there was so much to this passage that I really liked and feel represents my more semi-autobiographical work. Click the link to listen: The Self Portrait. Hope you enjoy!

The story is part about a man who collects used dessert forks. Mmmm, wonder what that’s all about.
Crude Animation

Dream Madres

This collage video is from a dream I had in October 2020. I’ve had this vision for years to start making collages from my dreams. The project title came from Dream Madre, an anagram, but since I hope to create art projects based on more than one dream I’ve decided to call it Dream Madres, as in the Dream Mothers. I’m grateful for my dreams! Even the panic-stricken ones, which this one wasn’t, though there was a touch of a sweaty man, what’s going to happen vibe.