Crude Animation


These videos I made in collaboration with Matt Sweesy. He’s the maestro behind the drawings. The stories we mapped together. The voices and editing where I brought it all across the finish line. Warning—these cartoons are not for children, or the easily offended, disturbing mayhem ensues. That’s my guarantee!

House Life … Drunk fathers in a death meditation cult seek to improve relationships with their sons. 15 minutes
The Cowboy … They took his prosthetic leg and now he’s out to track them down. What follows is an existential journey out on the desert plain, complete with blood-sucking bats and an evil shaman. (MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY) 15 minutes

Oh, there’s more—if you’re looking!

What Time? This old man can’t seem to hear who’s on the other line. 3 minutes
The Barber Season One … Made for Instagram, one minute episodes. Binge them all here! See what happens when a cocky barber, Tony Swaynus, steals God’s penis comb. 9 minutes
The Jeffrey Trees … The magic has to start somewhere. For us it was a tram ride to the Jeffrey Trees. 3 minutes